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Vidabra decreases the impact of the Radiotherapy treatment and takes care of the skin improving your quality of life.

A top developed by experts

Textile laboratory that constantly seeks dermatological well-being. It was conceived to prevent skin problems by protecting and looking after your health.

Based on raw materials of natural origin and state-of-the-art technologies, we achieve revolutionary fabrics that keep the skin healthy and clean when in contact with it, helping its rapid recovery by restoring its immunological properties. The result: A healthy skin that recovers its balance and protective barrier in a natural way and prevents aggressions and erosions that may occur in the epidermis.

Pioneers in Europe in breast radiation oncology techniques. The experience of the Ascires medical team has inspired the anatomical design of the Vidabra top.

With more than 50 years of medical experience and significant expertise in radiotherapy treatment (IMRT, IGRT, SIB, Gating, hypofractionation, PBI; which translates into a decrease in the number of sessions and side effects), Grupo Biomédico Ascires has taken into account the clinical needs that require this top to be designed as a second skin. Underwear produced with both women’s comfort and the protection of areas involved in breast radiation therapy in mind.

Clinical validation

Vidabra is the first top designed and clinically validated, specifically for the prevention of acute radiation-induced skin toxicity after breast irradiation.

Despite advances in breast irradiation, skin toxicity still has a negative effect on patients’ quality of life. So far, no product or cosmetic has managed to control radiation dermatitis. In contrast, Vidabra is the first validated top to comply with the design for use in breast RT. This top integrates silver and chitin in its fibres as active ingredients to accelerate skin repair after each session.

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