Speeds up the recovery process from skin injuries by keeping the skin aseptic.

Patented Technology EP 3 106 553 B1

Greater protection for your skin.

Regenactiv®, is the technology based on the interaction of two threads which, woven together, give MUVU garments their protective qualities.

The textile fibre that forms the Regenactiv® technology is a natural and biodegradable main yarn (viscose of vegetable origin and chitin of marine origin, called Viscose CH); interwoven with a second yarn of silver-ionised polyamide called Polyamide Ion.
This new and exclusive combination results in extra protection in the maintenance and improvement of the skin’s immunological and defensive qualities, enhancing the skin’s natural mechanisms to cope with external factors that put its integrity at risk.

Regenactiv® properties

Protection against fungi and bacteria

  • It prevents infections on skin lesions and the appearance of bad odours.

Prevents and avoids

  • Overheating of the skin and skin irritation

High absorption capacity

It absorbs excess moisture, helping to create an optimal skin environment and acts as a mechanical barrier, absorbing exudate and improving the recovery of the skin.